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Also sprach Zarathustrao, a story for the stoned

All right, this section was supposed to include the works I consider more understandable to a foreign audience and I’m posting here this one that’s pretty ununderstandable outside of my inner circle (I refer to my friends, not to the black metal weirdos who went around burning churches in Norway in the early nineties) . So what? As a matter of fact ‘cause it’s written in english. And you will wonder why, as I am italian.

Well, two friends of mine met in London a brazilian guy on a eurotrip, it was kinda 2001. He eventually ended up being hosted at my home. Some years later, 2006, one of those friends of mine visited him in Porto Alegre. He wanted to bring an original gift to Brazil, so they asked me to draw a comic story about them  pictured as pilgrims ascending a mountain in search of a mysterious hermit residing on its top (so, it’s in english so he could understand). They wrote the story and most of the dialogues, which I turned into a screenplay. I drew it in six days on a rush, filling ashtrays and emptying bottles of cheap beer. Of course, during the journey they were supposed to face a bunch of dangers and enemies… So here they come some college buddies of us turned into bizarre characters, mixed with eminent people as Vladimir Putin, Condolleezza Rice, George W. Bush and the Dude from Big Lebowski. I’m in too. I’m the monster. Why I posted it anyway? I simply read it again after three years and found it was still so goddamn funny (at least to us).

Anyway, “Also Sprach Zarathustrao will allow everyone to get the answer to a tremendously distressing question: what the hell ever happened to the Mullah Omar?

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